PSD2 Open Banking APIs Schnittstellen­beschreibungen


Account Information
API allows approved Account Information Service Providers (AISPs) to request access to Payment Accounts from a PSU.

Payment Initation
This API allows approved payment initiaion service providers (PISPs) to initiate a transaction and request an authorization from the PSU.

Confirmation of Funds
This API allows approved Card Based Payment Instrument Issuers (CBPIIs) to securely check if funds are available in a specific account.


How to connect with our APIs?

1. Sign up and create a Sandbox App

  • create a free account
  • choose which APIs you would like to use
  • create a Sandbox App and get your Sandbox API Keys

2. Develop and test

  • develop with our Sandbox APIs
  • each API offers a Sandbox Environment which also allows testing of specific Use-Cases

3. Switch to production access and go live

  • you can access the production PSD2-APIs with valid eIDAS certificate

Announcement: Update PSD2 XS2A APIs

Publication date: 26. April 2021

Subtitel: Update Berlin Group standard, new attributes & customer processes

  1. The newest version of our PSD2 XS2A APIs will be released on the 27th of April 2021 in our Sandbox. The Sandox may therefore be temporarily unavailable between 00:00 am and 23:59 pm. The rollout in the productive environment will happen on the 05. of August 2021.
  2. The following changes have been applied to the APIs:
    • The Berlin Group Version has been updated from 1.3.5 to 1.3.8 which will include the latest security and errata fixes from the Berlin-Group NextGenPSD2 Version 1.3.8_2020-12-14.
    • The list of standing orders & scheduled transfers can now be requested via AIS. 
      • The request of an Account Report with bookingStatus “information” will provide a List of transaction with all standing orders of this account. #/components/schemas/accountReport/information
      • The request of an Account Report with bookingStatus “pending” will provide a List of transaction with all scheduled transfers of this account. #/components/schemas/accountReport/pending
    • The account owner name can now be requested via AIS. The additonal Attribute „ownerName“ will be provided in the response of a get accounts request. #/components/schemas/accountDetails supports the attribute "ownerName"
    • The processes for retrieving account information and payment initiation have been simplified:
      • AIS
        • For requesting account information, only one SCA from the customer is needed. This affects both processes: Requesting account information with transmitting the IBAN(s) and requesting account information without transmitting the IBAN(s).
      • PIS
        • In the case, that all required information is provided, only one SCA from the customer is needed. 
        • In case the IBAN is not transmitted, a new process is available. As PIS-only-TPP you can request an account information consent on an account list of available accounts.  The consent given will provide the PSUs IBANS mandatory for PIS services. #components/schemas/accountAccess
    • The transaction statuses have been concretised:
      • 'PDNG': 'Pending' - Payment initiation or individual transaction included in the payment initiation is pending. Further checks and status update will be performed.
      • 'RJCT': 'Rejected' - Payment initiation or individual transaction included in the payment initiation has been rejected.
      • 'ACSP': 'AcceptedSettlementInProcess' - All preceding checks such as technical validation and customer profile were successful and therefore the payment initiation has been accepted for execution.
      • 'ACSC': 'AcceptedSettlementCompleted' -Settlement on the debtor's account has been completed.
      • 'ACCC': 'AcceptedSettlementCompleted' - Settlement on the creditor's account has been completed.
  3. ·  The changes to the APIs are fully backwards compatible, the new documentation is attached below.